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Why Buy?

Why Buy?
The very word monument means to remind or to remember . It is a tradition that goes back for countless generations, deep into our past. We care about those who have gone before us and building a permanent, lasting memorial is a special way to acknowledge the importance of their life.

The way we want to be remembered is a matter of personal preference; however, history has proven the need to remember is universal.

When the time comes to commemorate the life of someone very special, or perhaps to plan ahead yourself, many factors should be considered. You will be purchasing something that, quite literally, will last forever. The monument you create may very well serve as a source of historical reference for future generations. It is a purchase that should be made unhurriedly, with great care and consideration. Don t let yourself be pressured into making this decision until you are ready.

We understand that your memorial should signify more than just a grave location. It should also help reflect a story that must be told... Monuments are built because someone lived, not because someone died. Their purpose is to inspire reverence, faith and hope. The cemetery memorial should be a source of consolation to the bereaved and a constant inspiration to all who visit the cemetery. When the memorial is properly inscribed with the appropriate symbols and thoughtful epitaphs, it will convey a meaningful story and compel us to pause and read.

Venezian Monumental Works has been helping families create tributes of respect and honor for over 100 years.

Venezian Monumental Works, Inc., 1587 State Street, Springfield, MA 01109 • Tel. (413) 734-3044 • Serving the area since 1882
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