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Products & Services

Granite Choices

Granite is the only stone we use for our memorials due to its beauty, hardness and durability. A granite cemetery monument ensures you will enjoy its original beauty for decades to come. In order to offer you the best monuments, we only use granite from North America, Africa and India. All suppliers are held to the highest quality standards.

It s hard to appreciate the natural beauty of the stone from a photograph, so please stop by our retail site to see a more complete and detailed selection of granite choices.

Granite Markers

Other monument retailers out-source the most important part of the process — the actual carving of the memorial. They never see the granite being used and have no quality control. Here at Venezian, we design and carve our grave markers right on the premises, assuring the highest levels of quality and customer service. We have hundreds of designs to choose from or our talented staff can assist you should you have a special design in mind.

Grass Markers

This type of gravestone is level with the ground and measures 4" thick. Some cemeteries only allow this type of headstone. Please contact us for detailed information regarding the regulations of your cemetery.

Baby Markers

We are here to help you and your family through the difficult process of choosing a gravestone for your cherished infant. At Venezian Monumental Works, our compassionate designers guide you every step of the way, addressing your questions and concerns with great care and attention to detail. We are committed to providing the support you need throughout the design process, so you can find comfort in knowing that your child will be memorialized in a unique and beautiful way. Some cemeteries may have specific requirements for baby markers, so please call us for more information.

Double Markers

Some cemeteries allow double headstones to cover two graves. These are referred to as "double" markers. Venezian Monumental Works offers a wide variety of designs. Double markers can also be made in the lawn level and slant style.

Veteran's Markers

Veteran's markers are issued from the United States government. We specialize in designing companion markers for the spouse of a Veteran. Please contact us for more information.

Slant Markers

There are several variations of this cemetery monument available. The top can be cut straight across, oval or in a serpentine. This type of memorial may be used to mark a single grave or two graves.


Cemetery memorials come in a variety of sizes, shapes and colors to choose from, they are referred to as upright monuments. An upright monument usually consists of two pieces of granite, the tablet or upright piece sitting on a base. An upright monument may mark a single grave and is referred to as a "single monument." It may mark a multi-grave lot and be referred to as a "family monument."

Venezian Monumental Works is uniquely qualified to work with you to create a beautiful monument. We carefully select granites from around the country and the world to bring you some of the most attractive, unusual and durable stone available. Our designers will create a special gravestone for your loved one, no matter how small or big the budget.
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